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Power, Roads, & Rain Oh My

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The last two weeks were pretty interesting although not in the most ideal way.  The hurricane missed us, but still managed to include us in on some rain and high winds.  Normally that wouldn’t have been much of an issue, but this year Honduras has had over 300% of its normal rainfall.  The usual rainfall around here is enough to wash out roads.  The above average rainfall has pretty much guaranteed it.  It has rained nearly every day since I arrived here up until this weekend.

One of the other teachers and I took a group a boys down the road this past Wednesday to help out.  It was a big soupy mess.  We managed to scrap away a significant portion of the mud and start a shallow channel for the water to run beside the road instead of over it.  The channel will probably get washed out with the next big rainfall, but at least it was a start.  Towards the end of the day, a load of gravel was delivered.  After we managed to spread that out, the road was finally passable at that section again.

The power generator was out of action for awhile.  Fortunately it was working when a tree was blown over onto the power lines last week.  It was about a week before it was fixed.  The generator is only run for a few hours each day while the power is out.  You have to reschedule some of the day to make sure you get the things you need taken care of during that time.  My computer class was forced to listen to me lecture on and on endlessly.  I am sure they were praying for the power to come back after the first day.

It has been dry the last few days so the roads and fields are starting to look better now.  As much as there was going on, it really wasn’t a bad two weeks.  It was thankfully uneventful.  There were some worries about supplies and fuel, but nothing seriously dangerous happened which is thankful since it would have been hard if not impossible to get up and down the road in a hurry.


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Day of the Child & Honduras Independence Day

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September is a pretty big month for Honduras.  There are several holidays across the month.  The first one we celebrated at the school was Day of the Child.  The primary education kids got to participate in some fun and games that were conducted by the high school kids.  There were some pinatas, cake, musical chairs, and a water balloon toss.  After those activities, a couple of the boys put on a clown sketch.  The kids really enjoyed all of the activities.

We celebrated Honduras Independence Day the following Monday.  Most of the country takes off the better part of the week for it even though it is only one day of the week.  We had school the first two days of the week.

The first big part of the celebration was the parade.  The younger kids dressed up in costumes and the older kids did a dance and march routine.  We marched up the hill to the soccer field and then down the other side.  All of the house parents came out to watch the kids as they went by.

Once the parade was over the kids gave presentations about their country’s history.  Some of the boys were dressed up as the founding fathers of Honduras and read the history of the person they were dressed up as.  After that, all of the kids were divided up into groups.  Each group had prepared a presentation on one of the states of Honduras and even cooked some of the tradition food of that region.

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Arriving in Honduras

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I arrived in Honduras this last Tuesday.  Apparently there is some rule that you have to have a return flight ticket to travel to Honduras if you are not already a resident.  The TSA also kindly repacked both of my bags and decided to hold on to my cheap sunglasses.  Aside from that it was as uneventful and pleasant as being flung through the air in a giant tin can gets.

The ranch has received a lot of rain over the past month.  Some of the road were washed out and only recently repaired.  It is still a very bumpy and slow ride into Tegucigalpa.  The major road in and out of the city also suffered a fairly huge collapse.  Travelling through the city now requires taking a long “highway” around that until a few weeks ago was simply a one lane dirt road.  Now it is an amazing two lane dirt road.  There was also a protest the day I arrived that destroyed the building of a local TV channel.

The first two days here flew by pretty fast.  Wednesday night the power went out and it wasn’t back up until Friday.  I have been sitting in on all of the classes I will be teaching.  Steve was covering for me until I got here and seems to have been doing a great job.  He had everything laid out so that it should be fairly easy to pick up on Monday.  I have been spending most of my time so far playing catch up with the material.

Although there was a lot going on, the timing of my arrival was great.  The roads were passable and I got here before Steve had to leave.  All in all, it worked out well.

The ranch is an odd mix of chaos and calm, but I have found it pleasant so far.  This is the view “on my way to work”:

And here is the school:

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The End.

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